Wyoming Dietetic Association
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Wyoming Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (WAND)
2016-17 Board of Directors

President:   Megan McGuffey   mcguffey@uwyo.edu
President-Elect:   Heidi Gillette   heidi.gillette@ccmh.net
Past President:   Mindy Meuli   mmeuli1@uwyo.edu
Secretary:   Camden Robbins    
Treasurer:   Kristin McTigue   kmctigue@uwyo.edu
Treasurer-Elect:    Vacant    
Delegate:   Megan Sexton   megansexton@sheridanhospital.org
Nominating Committee:   Sue Combe (Chair)   pcombe@bresnan.net
    Cheryl Gray   cheryl22gray@gmail.com
    Jamie Marchetti   jmm_3111@yahoo.com
Council on Professional Issues:   Lucy Stacy   5adaylucy@gmail.com
WAND Committees   Chairs     
Public Relations:    Leisann Paglia   leisann.paglia@crmcwy.org
Membership:   Marguerite Jackson   mjackson@wyomingmedicalcenter.org
    Karla Case    
New Membership:   Marguerite Jackson   mjackson@wyomingmedicalcenter.org
State Professional Recruitment Coordinator (SPRC):   Kristin McTigue   kmctigue@uwyo.edu
Public Policy/State Policy:   Codi Thompson   csyoung@q.com
MNT Reimbursement:   Georgia Boley   gboley@fiberpipe.net
Consumer Protection Coordinator   Michelle Clinton   mclinton@wphcody.org
AND/WAND Fundraising:   Sue Combe   pcombe@bresnan.net
Awards and Honors:   Liz Fabrizio   lfabrizio@wphcody.org
Website:   Cheryl Gray    cheryl22gray@gmail.com
Newslettter:   Jamie Marchetti   jmm_3111@yahoo.com
SDA Liason   Katie Jacobs   kjacob17@uwyo.edu


If you have questions please email us at info@eatrightwyoming.org.

WAND Past Elected Officers

Thank You for Serving on the WAND Board

Year President President-Elect Secretary Treasurer Delegate Council on Professional Issues Nominating Committee Chair Nominating Committee Members Nominating Committee Members
2015-2016 Mindy Meuli Megan McGuffey Melissa Bardsley Karla Case Glen Revere Lucy Stacy Sue Combe Cheryl Gray Carolyn Renner
2014-2015 Paula Eskam Mindy Meuli Melissa Bardsley Karla Case Cheryl Gray Beth Kamber Denise Ivey Mary Tvedt Carolyn Renner
2013-2014 Barbara Buyske
Paula Eskam Melissa Bardsley Kate Stratton-Schulz Cheryl Gray Beth Kamber Denise Ivey Mary Tvedt Marguerite Jackson
2012-2013 Karla Case Barbara Buyske Joan Franklin Kate Stratton-Schulz Cheryl Gray Ann Hunter Debbie Collins Marguerite Jackson Cheryl Gray
2011-2012 Karla Case None Joan Franklin Mindy Meuli Jean McLean Chris Douglas Debbie Collins Barbara Buyske Cheryl Gray
2010-2011 Heidi Gillette Karla Case Beth Kamber Mindy Meuli Jean McLean Chris Douglas Kate Stratton-Schulz Barbara Buyske Debbie Collins
2009-2010 Paula (Needles) Eskam Heidi Gillette Beth Kamber Karla Case Jean McLean Chris Douglas Leisann (Stolz) Paglia Kate Stratton-Schulz Star Morrison
2008-2009 Ellen Burbank Paula (Needles) Eskam Janice Smith Karla Case Jean McLean Ann Hunter Leisann (Stolz) Paglia    
2007-2008 Lucy Stacy Ellen Burbank Janice Smith Paula (Needles) Eskam Jean McLean Ann Hunter Laura Hudspeth Sue Combe Heidi Gillette
2006-2007 Codi Young Lucy Stacy Heidi Gillette Paula (Needles) Eskam Jean McLean Karen Polson Krista Mills Tina Braet-Thomas  
2005-2006 Judy Barbe Codi Young Heidi Gillette Julia Wilson Ann Hunter Karen Polson      
2004-2005 Barbara Buyske Judy Barbe   Julia Wilson Ann Hunter        
2003-2004 Leisann (Stolz) Paglia  Barbara Buyske   Sue Combe Ann Hunter        
2002-2003 Jean McLean Leisann (Stolz) Paglia  Vicki Flores Sue Combe Ann Hunter Jill Ruiz Karen Polson Julia Wilson Tami Greenwald
2001-2002 Dianna  Richter Jean McLean Vicki Flores   Ann Hunter Jill Ruiz Barbara Buyske    
2000-2001 Linda Melcher Dianna Richter Laura Hudspeth   Ann Hunter Jean McLean Glen Revere Tina Braet-Thomas Akemi Glass
1999-2000 Mindy Meuli Linda Melcher Laura Hudspeth Leisann (Stolz) Paglia    Jean McLean John Wade Liz Fabrizo Karen Polson
1998-1999 Mindy Meuli None   Leisann (Stolz) Paglia           
1997-1998 Beth Kamber Rebecca Dorsett   George Ovecka     Mindy Meuli    


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